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Why you want to become THE AUTHORITY in your NICHE.

Authorities - are individuals who have distinguished themselves in life and in business. Authorities make a big impact on the world. Authorities are leaders in their chosen fields. Authorities typically do very well financially, and are evolved enough to know that part of the joy of monetary success is the accompanying social, moral and spiritual obligation to give back.

Authorities are not just outstanding. They are also known to be outstanding:

This additional element begins to explain the difference between two strategic business and life concepts - one that seems great, but isn't, and the other that fills in the essential missing gap of the first.


Expert a person who knows stuff People who have attained a very senior academic degree (like a PhD or an MD) definitely know stuff. People who read voraciously and retain what they read definitely know stuff. Unfortunately, just because you know stuff does not mean that anyone respect the fact that you do. Even though some experts are successful, alas, most are not - because knowing stuff is not enough. 
Well, then, what is the missing peace?
What the expert lacks, " the authority " has. The authority both knows stuff and is known to know stuff. So, more simply...


Authority a person who is know as an expert. The difference is not subtle. The difference is not merely semantic. The difference is enormous.

When it comes to this subject, there are actually three categories in which people fall:

- People who don't know much are unsuccessful in life and in business. Most people fall in this category.
- People who know stuff, but still don't leave much of a footprint in the world. There are a lot of people like this.
- Experts who are also known as experts become authorities and authorities are always wondrously successful. Authorities are able to contribute more to humanity through both their chosen work and their giving back.

This mentorship is about the highest category, The Authorities - people who have reached the peak in their field and are know as such.
On this journey, you will learn the steps you need to take to not only identify the imbalances in your life, but also bring balance through having both your needs and your wants met.


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